- Ministers debate putting hemp on the menu
PM - Thursday, 27 October , 2005 18:49:09
Reporter: Tim Jeanes
Link to ABC web site
- http://www.abc.net.au/pm/content/2005/s1492423.htm

- 19 June 2006 (Article in PDF format)
Issue of two licences.
Hemp Resources is pleased to announce the issue of two licenses for growing, processing and manufacturing industrial hemp in Western Australia and Queensland.

- May 2006 (Article in PDF format)
Industrial Hemp allows forest to have a breather
by Tian Xin
Chief Director of the Shenyang Changer - Tongxin Intelligent Engineering

- 21 February 2006
Licence by the Queensland Government [Licence]
Licence by the Western Australia Government [Pg1, Pg2)

- 30 June 2008
Here are some pictures of the trial at Waroona planted on the 6 May 2008. These pictures were taken on the 18 June 2008. The plants are between 500mm to 600mm now.

Here are some pictures of the trial at Kunnunura. The hemp was planted on the 9 June 2008.

- 31 July 2008
Newspaper article ' Hemp foods on the tab
le' ...