1. Environmental Benefits
  2. Advantages of Hemp


There is an environmental benefit from growing industrial hemp versus other fibre crops.

Cultivation of industrial hemp does not require pesticides (Bosca and Karus, 1998; Nova Institute, 1996). The production of other fibre crops, such as flax or cotton, often use large quantities of pesticides (Bosca and Karus, 1998). This implies that a reduction in pesticide use will occur in society anytime that industrial hemp fibre or grain is substituted for flax fibre or seed in paper, oils, animal feed, animal bedding, and the like. Similarly, it implies a reduction in pesticide use any time industrial hemp fibre is substituted for cotton fibre in clothing, paper, or carpets.

From soil reclamation projects through to reducing toxins produced from conventional paper mills, hemp and bio-fuel hemp offer a multitude of solutions for "greening" the planet.

Some examples are:

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