Hemp Resources will deliver a diverse range of paper and other high quality hemp based products. The Company will establish a dedicated marketing and sales team to promote and sell its range of hemp and hemp based products by establishing brand names that easily identify the company and the product.

Hemp office/copy paper will be marketed by Hemp Resources as being chemically free and supporting the environment. Marketing campaigns will for the Company’s office/copy paper products will target local, state and federal government departments, as well as major corporations wanting to demonstrate to the public an environmentally friendly and socially responsible image.

Hemp Resources’ marketing strategy will be based primarily on selling the unique environmental benefits of hemp and hemp based products. The Company will use proven promotional and marketing tools including free press coverage, attendance at exhibitions and conferences, direct marketing to target end users, press releases, testimonials, applying for industry/commerce/government awards and recognition of the Company’s environmental products. Hemp Resources will also develop and maintain an online presence, incorporating the latest internet technologies and capitalising on e-commerce opportunities in this expanding global market.

Extensive and established network lists of “green-minded” persons will be utilised throughout Australia and globally to enable direct marketing of the Company’s products.

The promotional activities for the Company’s hemp paper, for instance, will focus on the environmental benefits of choosing hemp paper instead of paper manufacture from ‘trees’. Hemp paper is the most environmentally friendly processed paper available.

More than 90% of all papermaking world-wide uses wood. Pulp wood accounts for around 15% of all timber felling world wide and forests simply cannot meet the demand of the paper industry. Water and air pollution of wood pulp and paper mills is serious, and waste chemicals and dioxins (primary toxic component of Agent Orange) may cause cancer.

Hemp Resource intends to establish franchised retail shops throughout Australia to sell its paper and other value added products to the retail customers. It is intended that these franchised hemp speciality shops that have easy access to a central warehouse of hemp products imported or produced by Hemp Resources. The retail shops will have the option of food lines and café wherever possible.

As well as retailing the Company’s paper products, the franchised shops will promote and sell a range of other Hemp Resource branded products. These include:

Hemp Oil Based Products
Best Hemp® was registered by the Company as a business in August 2002. Prior to this date and since its conception the focus has been on the research and development of oil based products that are derived from hemp seed. The oil is currently imported and added to a wide range of personal care products.

Surprisingly, many of the hemp enriched products on the shelves contain ingredients which are either potentially harmful to the human body or are sourced from environmentally unfriendly products. Hemp Resources does not wish to claim that these products will cause harm, but with a mission to "care for you and our planet' we can not ethically endorse them.

Wherever possible Best Hemp® will use products such as "certified organic" and "eco-harvest certified". The products will contain hemp because of its benefits to the body. The distinguished hemp seed oil, rich in unsaturated fatty acids and in a balance perfect for your body is high in Omega 3, 6, and GLA, which are essential for health. They help to reduce inflammation in the body and are likely to be useful in addressing skin irritations and sensitive or dry skin. Omega 3 plays a role in balancing the insulin and blood sugar, which is important in reducing the likelihood of mature onset diabetes. Research has now shown that the balance of ingested fats plays a more important role in preventing heart disease and other lifestyle diseases than the avoidance of all fats or cholesterol.

The Australian New Zealand Food Authority (ANZFA) has, following years of international research, recommended that hemp seed be allowed as a food, being rich in essential fatty acids that will be of benefit when added to the diet. ANZFA have deemed the food to be safe but have recommended it be classified as a novel food.

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Hemp Fabrics and Clothing
Hemp Culture™ has been importing hemp fabrics from China for value adding. Fabrics and clothing will be sold through the Company’s franchised shops as well as being promoted to fashion designers as a natural alternative to synthetic fabrics and clothing materials.

Hemp Resources, through its manufacturing arrangement with L.T.K. Clothing in Malaga, Western Australia, will produce a broad range of quality ladies and men’s fashion clothing, high quality uniforms, kids clothes, sports and leisure wear.

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